Our brand name — Rosylee, is inspired by the vibrant cockney slang, which means a delightful cup of tea.

We aim to create a community where women feel comfortable in slowing down their steps and to seek joy in little everyday moments — a moment of calm when you sip a cup of tea, the excitement and confidence you get when you put on a treasured outfit, or even just enjoying your favourite meal with dearest loved ones. We celebrate those precious moments that truly make a difference.



Rosylee draws inspiration from timeless elements of the past; creating classic silhouettes and styles that stand the test of time. Each piece is designed to exude an understated allure and a graceful charm, allowing every woman to radiate with elegance and confidence.



As a small boutique, we pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing all our pieces exclusively in small batches with local workshops. Embracing small batch production enables us to minimise waste and lessen our environmental footprint. Additionally, by owning and working with local workshops, we maintain direct oversight over the production process and the talented artisans behind each creation. This enables us to ensure fair wages and favourable working conditions, while also guaranteeing the high quality of each design.

Our aim is to offer our community treasured pieces that can be cherished for many years to come. There's still much progress to be made, but we believe that with each conscious step, we can make a significant difference.